"Dr. Gusfa, Cyndi, and Margaret, thanks for making my smile pretty again! Much love, K.P."
"Dear Dr. Steven and Dr. James Gusfa, I just wanted to say how blessed and fortunate you gentlemen are to have such a wonderful assistant as Margaret C.  She has that special talent to make a "nervous nellie" such as I am, to be relaxed and at ease.  She is always so pleasant and helpful.  All the best to all of you.  Sincerely, B.H."
"Just a note of thanks to Dr. S, Margaret and the office staff for years of care and concern.  If it were not for you folks, I'd probably be eating baby food. Thank You!" - D
"Because of you I still have happy, comfy seventy-five year old teeth!" - P.J.
"I really enjoyed my visit today." - V.M.
"I'm a long time patient and always find good expertise and very friendly people." - W.C.
"Margaret and Dr. Gusfa did a great (painless) hob today!  They keep my mouth as healthy as possible. Thank You!" - T.O.

"Hands down the best service I ever had.  Very professional and extremely friendly atmosphere.  Thank you very much Gusfa Dental Clinic team." -M.F.

"Dr. Gusfa... Thank you so much for taking care of me!  You are always so kind and comforting and I needed that more than ever this year. You made my smile pretty again and made me feel pretty!  That helps my overall healing process.  I am forever grateful."  -K.C.

"Margaret and Dr. Gusfa did a great (painless) job today.  They want to keep my mouth (gums and teeth) as healthy as possible.  Thank you!" -T.O.

"My wife and I have been using Gusfa Dental for more than 30 years. Our two children who are 24 and 26 years old continue to use Gusfa Dental also. Our experiences with James and Steven, as well as their staff, have been nothing short of outstanding. Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. They will spend time with you to make sure you have a thorough understanding of each procedure or billing question. The most significant reason why our family continues to use Gusfa Dental is the pride each individual takes in performing their duties. I always leave completely satisfied after each visit. I believe each person there - the individual who meets you at the desk, the hygienist who cleans your teeth, James or Steven who do the dental work - take pleasure in providing you with the best treatment possible. Also when they recommend someone to perform a procedure outside of their office - root canal, implant, etc. - I know that the person they are sending me to see is highly qualified and skilled at their profession. My family and I will continue to use Gusfa Dental because we feel like we are part of a family and know that we will get the best service possible."

Thank You,

"I absolutely love Dr. G, when I moved to Chicago, I still came back here to get my dental work done. Everyone feels like family. You couldn't ask for a better experience than Gusfa Dental"

"I've been a patient here for 33 years and continue to be impressed with the extraordinary care I receive. Now, my children are patients here as well and they really enjoy the attention they receive. Keep up the excellent service."

"One of my worst fears was going to a dentist. Upon recommendation of my sister I went to Dr. Gusfa DDS. I was surprised how comfortable and relatively pain free it was. Dr. Gusfa cares for his patients and their needs."

"I had my teeth cleaned. The procedure was thorough, and Michele was good at explaining what she was doing. I was also fortunate to be able to have some repair work done at the same visit, which was convenient."

"The customer care is unparalleled and the work is top-notch."

"I feel that Dr. Gusfa's office shows true professionalism. They are polite and very helpful. The best dentist office ever!"

"Very helpful and friendly. Comfortable treatment and they always tell you what they are going to do before they do it."

"My visits to Dr. Steve have been always an encouragement and an uplift when I may have otherwise hated going to the dentist. His expertise coupled with Margaret's kindness and experience made my last visit very satisfying."

"My experience was painless throughout all of the steps. My comfort was important to everyone who worked on that tiny little tooth."

"I've been a patient of Dr. Gusfa for over 15 years. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff."